We Have a New Photographer!

Introducing the DJI Phantom 1. Once we add a GoPro Camera, it will be our preferred method of taking campground aerial and action videos. Although I’m still getting used to it (we’ve only had a few test flights) I am thoroughly impressed. It goes higher, faster, and is more stable than I would have ever imagined. It’s really going to make my favorite things list pretty quickly.  Of course the kids really love watching the flights and the fly by’s. I’m really looking forward to flying it and taking some great videos when we camp at the end of the month. I’ll be sure to post them here after I take them. I’m also looking forward to strapping the GoPro Camera to the kid’s Dune Racer and getting some action videos of them having a blast. This is going to be a pretty cool trip, so cool it’s growing into a  longer weekend as I’ve extended our reservations!

We also have two new pages up as of last night. The first is a quick guide to Scavenger Hunting. It’s a few ideas to help get you started when the kids are looking for some fun at the campground. Our kids love scavenger hunting and the photo scavenger hunts are a new twist on the old favorite. Most parents carry cell phones with cameras, so it’s an easy way to get pictures of your trip as well as have fun with the kids. The second new page is another living document under Helpful Information on things we consider to be The Essentials. Some of the items listed may seem basic and a some of them may seem to be a luxury, but we really consider them to be essential.

Well, the countdown has begun and the campers are preparing! Our first trip of the season is getting close. Thanks for visiting and see you on your next adventure!



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