Roaring River March 2014 (Part 1)

This will be part one of what will be at least a three part post. I have a few pictures and videos to post, but it just too much to post at one time. All in all this was a great trip for late March in the Ozarks.

We arrived at Roaring River State Park in Cassville, MO on March 26th and the weather was not  cooperating. First and foremost it was cold.

Our New ThermostatBefore leaving, I replaced our analog thermostat with a digital model. I was extremely glad that I did. Our old thermostat would swing the temperature by at least 6 degrees and I had tons of trouble trying to get the climate in the RV just right. This model performed much much better. It was very close to accurate and the temps didn’t swing nearly as much as they had. Maybe 2 degrees or so.

That wasn’t the end of our weather woes. On day two of our trip we found ourselves in a tornado warning. Thunderstorms are common here in the early spring. We were prepared and knew where the storm shelter was at the campground, but since we were only 45 minutes from home we decided to take a quick trip home to wait it out for a few hours. It did turn out that most of the thunderstorms went around the park and the campgrounds, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

As soon as the weather cleared up we went out and flew the quadcopter to get some aerial footage of the campground. The video below is primarily of the campgrounds 1 and 3. We have other videos but they will be posted later. The DJI Phantom and the GoPro camera are truly becoming two of my favorite things. Enjoy the video.

As you can see by the video and the photos in the picture gallery, this is a beautiful state park and this is beautiful country. Even with most of the trees being bare you can see that beauty. The park has three campgrounds. Campground one is where we were which is a across the highway from the trout hatchery and the trout streams (more on those later). There were many many people camping for the fishing. We were just there to enjoy the sights and have some fun.

On a Morning WalkWe quickly got into a routine of waking up in the morning, having a good breakfast, cleaning up while the weather warmed up, and then hitting the road. We’d walk down to the trash drop off and then just enjoy the park on foot. For the first couple of days, Ziva drove her dune racer most of the time on our walks, but then we found that the park rangers were a little nervous about her not wearing a helmet, so we confined usage to just the campsite. As far Asher and Gracie, they spent time in our bike trailer converted to a stroller or their Radio Flyer Wagon. Each morning Asher would make his case for wanting to walk and I would try to get him to ride just for the wind protection of the stroller, but eventually he convinced me that walking was best. So he would join Ziva and we would walk along the campground paths and enjoy the morning. After lunch we would venture out and see the local sights, but I’ll be sharing those experiences in later posts. Dinner was at that camper and we were inside before it got too cold. After dinner we would have a nightly game time. Ziva loves board games and she has many in the trailer for us to play. Some of her favorites include Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, War Card Game, and Pop & Race. We have tons of fun with these games and the experience of just having quality time with Ziva is awesome. I look forward to the day when Gracie and Asher can join the fun.

Well check back in a week or so and I’ll have some more pictures and videos posted. We have some footage of the trout hatchery, the streams, and a local drive-thru zoo. All part of our excellent camping adventure at Roaring River State Park.



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