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Hi! My name is Chris and I have 20+ years of experience in the IT field with an honorable discharge from the USMC and a passion for being creative. But that takes a backseat to being a father, husband, and adventurer. I have a lovely wife (Chantal) and three wonderful kids (Ziva, Asher, and Gratiana). In my youth I spent a great deal of time on camping trips with my mother and father. Most of my childhood memories involve camping, fishing, swimming, and adventuring in campgrounds all around the south. I was happy and enjoyed that part of my childhood very much.

As my children have begun to grow I decided they should have the opportunities I did as a child. To get out and explore the nation and learn to love adventure as I did. Anyone can make s’mores in their backyard, but it is a special experience to do it over an honest to goodness campfire surrounded by the night sky. I decided it was time to buy a travel trailer and set out on the road to find adventure.

My father is my inspiration for beginning this family camping adventure, but being that he has passed on he can no longer offer his guidance, mentoring, and instruction on how to maintain my RV, plan a trip, manage the family adventure, etc. I turned to the web and online resources for information and guidance, but soon realized that there we very little available for the camping dad.

So here I am.  Creating a blog, sharing my resources and trying to help making it easier for dads like me that are determined to create new family memories and adventure.

This site is not just for me, it is for all of the dads and moms out there seeking a family adventure, so please come on in, leave a comment, participate, and then go out and make some memories. 

Thank you for stopping by….


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