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Videos are finally here!

LakeBVWell after a very busy week at work, I’ve finally had time to take some video using the DJI Phantom and the GoPro3 Camera. These videos are posted on our newly created YouTube Channel. We’ve had a great deal of fun making these videos and it only intensifies the anticipation of our upcoming camping trip. There will be many many opportunities on our trip to record footage of the kids on their various adventures. And we’ll definitely do a few fly overs at the campground, including a overhead shot of the river.

Speaking of camping. The trailer is being washed at and serviced at Camping World as I type this. I was in their service department and couldn’t resist buying a set of patio lights. I’ve been holding out on buying a set just because I thought the cost was a little high, but today I found what I’ve been waiting for… Clearance! They had a set of teardrop shaped awning lights on clearance for under 9 bucks. I couldn’t find a set online anywhere to link to, but I will take pictures of them when we use them at the end of the month.

Soon we will be in packing mode for the upcoming trip and the anticipation is unbelievable. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the videos!

This first video is our first flight with the camera attached. Really just having fun in the neighborhood. I was amazed at how high the Phantom could fly and how fast it was. Even this close to home we had a blast.

Next video has some great shoots of the water at the Bella Vista Lake walking trail in Bella Vista, AR.

Here is a night time video that we had to take, because I do not like storing the batteries fully charged. I’d rather charge them fresh when I need them, so the kids and I had a little fun flying at night. Not much to see, but the lights make it interesting.

And finally just a few short clips of the kids getting into the GoPro action. I even got action footage of Ziva in her Dune Racer and the other kids in their favorite wagon. They really enjoy watching themselves after we take the footage. It’s a family fun event.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy your next adventure!


Day Trip Adventure

Well, what do you do when you can’t go on a camping trip? You go on a day adventure!! Today Asher, Ziva, and I made a trip to Springfield, MO. I was very pleased to see so many travel trailers and motorhomes on the road. A true sign that the Spring is on it’s way! I don’t think I realized how much there was to do there until today. We didn’t have the whole day so we limited ourselves to a few stops, but everyone really enjoyed themselves and we are definitely planning a return trip.

Lambert's EntranceAfter going to a couple shops and driving around a bit, we decided to have lunch at Lambert’s Cafe, home of the throwed rolls. Let me try to explain the atmosphere at Lambert’s. The decor is like an old hillbilly shack, there is John Cougar-Mellencamp song’s playing overhead, waiters and waitress are walking around doling out black-eyed peas, fried okra, pasta tomato salad from big pots family style, and rolls are flying over head like beads at Mardi Gras. That’s right, rolls! and They’re great hot and tasty rolls too. I know the quality of this video isn’t great, but I just have to post the roll throwing in action!


I think I ate three more rolls than I would have just because we were having so much fun catching them! The food here is outstanding. I had the fried catfish and it is at the top of my list for the Ozarks. Of course the kids had hamburgers, but they enjoyed them as well. All of the staff were very friendly and professional. They go out of their way to create a family friendly atmosphere that is fun and sort of whimsical.

As for the icing on the cake, we shared some of our pictures with the folks from Lambert’s and they posted them on their blog at Lambert’s Faces in the Crowd. Such a great experience, I know we will be returning soon.

Bass Pro Shop!!Ready to go fishing.Our second adventure was to the Bass Pro Shop and the kids loved that one as well. All of the natural exhibits at the Bass Pro Shop are great eye candy for the kids. They really enjoyed the numerous waterfalls, fish tanks, and especially the turtles. I mean, who doesn’t like turtles?? They both walked away with free Bass Pro Shop Adventure Club memberships, so when we go back to they can show their membership cards and get free fact cards on various animals to add to Loving the natural exhibitsNew ATV toytheir collection. What a fun way to get the kids interested in all types of animals and enjoying the outdoors. Of course they each walked away with treats as well. Ziva picked out the Disney Fairies Fishing Kit, which comes with the foam pieces that will allow her to practice her casting. Asher picked out the BPS 6×6 ATV Toy Set, which will come in handy on our camping adventures and will probably eventually find it’s way into our camping toy box. Mom could not make the trip, but she did get some salt water taffy out of the deal. Dad just likes to window shop. I didn’t walk away with anything, but I did make a small wish list including the Adjust-A-Grill, Coleman LED Quad Lantern,  and the Basic Kitchen Table. Most of the things on my list are just nice to haves or upgrades, but it’s nice to window shop and that place was perfect for it. All of the pictures from today are posted on our gallery page under Day Trip to Springfield, MO.

For a quick update on, we are still working on our scavenger hunt piece. We are truly almost finished, but need to put the finishing touches on it. Look for it in a few days. We are also gearing up for a road trip so to Arizona(no camper) to visit family. That will be fun and I’m sure we will get plenty of pictures and some camping related stories. I’m anxious to get a look at the only class A motorhome in the family and get some pictures. Thanks so much for stopping by and please leave feedback or comments if you have them. Thanks and let’s go find our next adventure!!