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Roaring River March 2014 (Part 2)

Welcome back for part 2 of the Roaring River State Park trip report. We spent most of Friday and Saturday at the Roaring River Trout Hatchery and around the nearby streams. This area is awfully nice and the kids really enjoyed it. I’ve added some pictures to the Roaring River State Park Gallery showing the kids feeding the fish and enjoying the hatchery. The river is fed from a spring near the hatchery. You can see the spring pool and gorge in the video below. Like most of the videos we post, this one was taken with a GoPro Action Camera using a DJI Phantom quadcopter. The video is uploaded to our YouTube Channel and embedded below:


This area is pretty awesome for kids as they have trout food vending machines near the hatchery and the trout just go nuts when the food is thrown in. The kids truly didn’t want to leave. I ended up waiting for two to fall asleep in the radio flyer wagon before putting them in the car.

I did not get a chance to fish with the kids, but there were plenty of people there to fish. The state park seemed to be a popular campground for trout fishermen. As the sun was going down on Friday we did get a chance to watch them stock the river after 7pm. I was amazed at how many and how big the fish are that they release around the hatchery. The ranger doing the stocking was releasing full nets of trout at intervals along the river. The kids enjoyed watching that as well.

The kids enjoying a local playground.

The kids enjoying a local playground.

On Friday, we also had a chance to spend a little time in Cassville, MO. We had to make an unexpected trip to Wal-Mart. This was our first trip of the season, so I guess forgetting a few things in ok. I desperately needed some snacks for the kids. Since our site was near a water faucet I grabbed a longer water hose as well. To be honest, since Mom did not make the trip, I cheated and fed the kids there as well. Popcorn chicken comes in handy some times. I also took the time to take the kids to a local park in Cassville. It was a little cool, but there was energy to burn after dinner. They enjoyed themselves and it was just what we needed before heading back to camp for the night. It didn’t take long for everyone to just fall asleep where they were laying once we got back to the trailer. That is how I know it was a good day.

Well, please check back with us in a week or so. I’ll final report will be on our half day trip to the Promise Land Drive-Thru Zoo in Eagle Rock, MO. I did not use the quadcopter there, but we did have the GoPro on the truck windshield for a great point of view thru the zoo. Hope to see you back soon and enjoy your camping adventures!


We Have a New Photographer!

Introducing the DJI Phantom 1. Once we add a GoPro Camera, it will be our preferred method of taking campground aerial and action videos. Although I’m still getting used to it (we’ve only had a few test flights) I am thoroughly impressed. It goes higher, faster, and is more stable than I would have ever imagined. It’s really going to make my favorite things list pretty quickly.  Of course the kids really love watching the flights and the fly by’s. I’m really looking forward to flying it and taking some great videos when we camp at the end of the month. I’ll be sure to post them here after I take them. I’m also looking forward to strapping the GoPro Camera to the kid’s Dune Racer and getting some action videos of them having a blast. This is going to be a pretty cool trip, so cool it’s growing into a  longer weekend as I’ve extended our reservations!

We also have two new pages up as of last night. The first is a quick guide to Scavenger Hunting. It’s a few ideas to help get you started when the kids are looking for some fun at the campground. Our kids love scavenger hunting and the photo scavenger hunts are a new twist on the old favorite. Most parents carry cell phones with cameras, so it’s an easy way to get pictures of your trip as well as have fun with the kids. The second new page is another living document under Helpful Information on things we consider to be The Essentials. Some of the items listed may seem basic and a some of them may seem to be a luxury, but we really consider them to be essential.

Well, the countdown has begun and the campers are preparing! Our first trip of the season is getting close. Thanks for visiting and see you on your next adventure!



Adding Content Everyday

I’ve been trying to add content to the site as fast as possible. It really is giving me something to focus on, and taking my mind off of the cold weather! There is a new post on the Helpful Information page called The Three Basics that has information for setting up sewer, water, and electric. Several links have been added to the Useful Links page including one to, a site dedicated to offering interesting and helpful modifications you can do to your RV. And finally, I’ve added to new images to the Gallery page.

I plan on making reservations this weekend for our trip to Hot Springs, AR. I’ll be posting information on those plans when they are finalized. The anticipation of future camping trips is growing as winter comes to an end.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully you found something interesting and useful. Now let’s go find our next adventure!