Bitty’s Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt was created for players from 3-5 years old, you can get as in depth as you think your hunters are capable of enjoying and understanding. We chose a woodland fairy as our constant treasure hunt companion. As our children grow we will make the stories more ‘Old English’ in vernacular and make it more elaborate. The trick to keeping it simple is creating a basic character that has the ability to follow you where ever you camp and bring a little excitement to your adventure! Here is an example from our last camping adventure last year. We don’t always make poems, we draw maps (a la Dora the Explorer) or if we are late in planning we write a simple letter scrawled on paper saying what he took and as they wander around our camping site they find things hidden around. They get so excited when they find one!   

 Some Item Suggestions for this Adventure:

Wal-Mart Link  Kiddie Mix – We keep a bag hidden to use for small treasures on the way.

Wal-Mart Link  OREO Cookies – May seem odd, but you open a pack and wrap each cookie in foil for a shiny treasure treat.

Wal-Mart Link  Party Favors – We have a big supply of party favors. There are many to choose from.

Wal-Mart Link  Dinosaurs – Our son loves these.


Link to our most recent treasure hunt -> Bitty’s Treasure Hunt


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