Our Favorite Things

For the Kids….

Bike TrailerThis is our Schwinn Spirit Bicycle Trailer. It’s a two seater, so it gets a ton of use around the campgrounds.  It’s great excercise and the kids really enjoy the rides. What you see in the picture is the result of a campground bike ride with our daughter and godchild. They made it about half way thru the tour.  Anything that can get this result has got to be a favorite thing!



Ziva'a Car


This is Ziva’s Power Wheels 12V Dune Racer. Our son is still learning how to walk, but it doesn’t stop him from getting around with his sister in her dune racer. We try to get campsites that have a visual of the playground. That allows Ziva and Asher to  jump in their racer a drive over to the playground together while mom and dad relax in the shade to watch. It’s a must have for us on every trip and definitely a favorite thing.


Baby Ziva in her backpack



Here is another item that is very high on our list. It’s a child backpack carrier. This picture is of Ziva when her I went on a hike years ago. Each of our 3 children have spent time riding in the carrier behind dad and they have seriously enjoyed it. This pack gets plenty of miles and it’s one of our favorite things.

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