The Essentials

Here are just a few things that we consider essential. Some of these may seem a bit of a luxury, but I just like to have them for comfort.


iBall Camera – I’ll be honest, I’m not that great at backing up yet. This camera is my best friend. It’s designed to help you hitch up, which it does, but it can also help you back up! The camera is magnetic and can be placed anywhere. On the bumper of your trailer, at the rear of your site, etc. The video screen in the cab give you eyes behind the trailer. It’s great! I got mine from ebay, but I’m sure they are available at other shops. ebay

Patio Rug – I remember my mom and dad having an old green astro turf looking rug that they used under their awning when we camped. These rugs have come a long way. The new ones are durable, light weight, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you keep an eye on sales, you can find one that is just the right price as well. RV Rug CW_Logo

Chairs – Most afternoons you find me enjoying my camp chair by the fire or sitting under the awning watching the sunset. It’s the first thing we bring out of our storage bin and once we sit down after set up it just feels like the relaxation has begun. It might seem basic, but it’s essential. Camp Chair Camp Chair

Dutch Oven – I cannot wow anyone with a description of a dutch oven, but I can try to wow you with descriptions of the things my wife makes in her dutch oven. Lasagna, chili, egg bake, apple crisps  and the list goes on and on. We use our dutch oven every camping trip and most of the time it’s the most anticipated meal of the trip. We consider it essential to our palate. Dutch Oven bassproshops

Good Sam Membership – We received our membership when we bought our travel trailer. I’m really glad it was part of the package.  I use their website a great deal. We use the forums, trip planner, campsite reviews, etc. There were some truly surprising benefits like recall notifications and the gas discount card from flying J. I consider our membership essential. Good Sam Membership




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