The Three Basics

The Three Basics – I keep a plastic storage bin for each of three. They help keep things nice and tidy and prevent cross contamination. There are some optional items that I do not have listed  yet. I will list them later with an asterisk.

Water – i thought water was pretty basic, but I learned that it was more than just a garden hose attached to the faucet. Here are the things I use to get the water flowing to the rig.

  • Water Regulator – Used to regulate the water pressure coming from the water hydrant to your camper.   WM_Logo CW_Logo
  • Water Filter – In-line water filter to prep city water before entering camper. I use it for filling the fresh water talk as well as when connected to city water.  WM_Logo CW_Logo
  • Water Hose – I keep two lengths of 25 feet white fresh water hoses. These are pretty straight forward. WM_Logo  CW_Logo
  • Tank Chemicals – There are many to choose from, but i use this mainly due to ease of use. WM_Logo  CW_Logo

Sewer – Honestly. I had a couple mishaps with my sewer hose because I tried to take the cheap route. There are just somethings you don’t want to skimp on and don’t forget the hand sanitizer!

  • Sewer Hose – This is pretty obvious. I’d get the best you can afford. Rhino is what I went with. WM_Logo  CW_Logo
  • Shop Towels – I keep a roll in the sewer bin. You don’t want to have to wonder where they are when you need them. WM_Logo
  • Dump Gloves – Again. You want this process to be as clean as possible. CW_Logo
  • Treatment Chemicals – This just happens to be what I use, mainly due to ease of use. WM_Logo  CW_Logo

Electric – This is pretty straight forward. I would consider adapters and extensions optional. 

  • Surge Protector – Some would say these are optional, but this is the one I use. Just my opinion. Pick the model appropriate for your rig. CW_Logo
  • Fuse Kit – I didn’t realize I would need spares until I actually needed on. WM_Logo


These are just some of basics you would need to get started. Not by any means is this complete. I will continue to add optional items as time goes by. Eventually I hope to add things as new products are released. Please feel free to comment below.

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