Coming Soon – The Camping Dad

Coming soon!

Help is on the way for family campers looking to have fun, adventure and create memories! My name in Chris Miller, my family and I live in Northwest Arkansas. I began my research out of necessity, I created this blog after I thought, “maybe other people jumped into camping with little experience and less knowledge, just like me.” I decided to share what I learn as I go along in hopes of making the journey less research intensive for those who read this. I will discuss a variety of topics that I have and will discover as I learn about them. Some of my first posts will be about camper set-up, favorite gear, family fun, favorite places, but the content will grow as I do.

Much of the location content is going to serve people in the Ozarks and central United States, but all friends are welcome. We would love to hear about camping experiences outside of our region, as our children grow we plan on branching out farther from home.

Come back soon to see my introductory post and join me on this new adventure. In the meantime if you have a topic or anything that you would like to see discussed please email me at